Cape Felix, Cape Addington, Cape Bartelome, Forrester Island, and Cape Ulika are legendary for king salmon.  History proves it. You will fish in the same places the first commercial fisherman in Alaska fished many years ago.   They can grow to as long as five feet and 100 pounds.

We use two main techniques for catching King Salmon. Trolling and Mooching.  Our boat is equipped with state of the art down riggers for when the fish are scattered in deeper water.  On the down riggers we use herring or artificial baits like hoochies or spoons.  When the fish are stacked up on shallower rock piles, we mooch for them using cut plug herring. Both techniques are great fun, and we will most likely utilize both techniques during your stay.

 The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has not released the King limit for the 2006 season, but we will post it as soon as they do.

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